Completed and ongoing training courses

The training process in the information technology sector must always be seen as a starting point, and never in exhaustion. The acquisition of new knowledge, techniques and tools and ideas lead to great results!

Training completed

Front End Developer

Html - Css - Sass - Bootstrap - Ui and Ux - Git - Javascript Vanilla - Ajax - Json - React

Vote: 100% - School: Tree
Construction and implementation of interfaces of websites or web applications by modulating and managing interactions with the user on the one hand and with the back-end on the other. Deepening of one of the most requested Javascript libraries: React, a tool that allows you to create dynamic and complex user interfaces in a simple and intuitive way.

Master Informatic Security

Ethical Hacker and Deep Web

Vote: 85/100
The didactic path is aimed at obtaining the COMPTIA SECURITY PLUS and EC-COUNCIL Ethical Hacking Associate certification, recognized in 160 countries and the most requested sector.

Informatic Security

Ethical Hacker

Vote: 100%
The course deals with all the issues necessary to enter the world of IT security and more specifically in security tests. This is what it addresses both the bureaucratic, theoretical and disciplinary notes, and the practical part: from the configuration of the work environment and the appropriate tools to the simulation of real cyber attacks.

Programming foundamentals

C# .NET Framework

Vote: 100/100
The knowledge acquired through the course is developed and applied in a practical way through Microsoft's C # language.

Web developer Front-End

HTML - CSS Boolean Career

Vote: 100%
Create complex site layouts from scratch.

Microsoft Virtual Academy

OOP Programming

Vote: 100%
Course aimed at understanding the logic of languages ​​belonging to the OOP (Object Oriented Programming) family.

Web Design


Vote: 100%
The course prepares the profession of Web Designer capable of creating pages and websites of different types, from blogs to e-commerce sites.

Training ongoing

Next Level WP Pro

Front-end and back-end Wordpress developing

Next Level WP PRO is the most advanced course in Italian on the creation of WordPress sites.

Comptia Security +

IT Security

CompTIA Security + is a global certification that validates the basic skills necessary to perform fundamental security functions and pursue an IT security career.

Google Digital Training

Digital marketing

Course based on the fundamental aspects of digital marketing, edited by Google trainers and accredited by the Interactive Advertising Bureau.

Javascript ES6 - ES7

Complete course

Make the most of libraries such as Jquery, Sencha, Angularjs, you have to follow a course like this that will give you the foundations to be ready for advanced programming with javascript.

Web Developer

HTML , CSS , Javascript , PHP , Python , MySQL

Complete course for web developer, facing all aspects of both front-end and back-end development

React & Redux

React, Hooks, Redux

React, hooks, redux and react redux from scratch to advanced level. Single Page Application with Laravel. Deploy app.


Agular 8 and Laravel 5 using typescript

Most popular framework in the development of single page applications and hybrid apps with html, css and typescript. If you want to become a front end or full stack developer, then this course helps you to be one step ahead.

Java EE

Java 8 and Java Enterprise Edition to write complex web applications!

Knowing Java is essential to be able to create web applications or Android apps and quickly enter the world of work!


Practical PHP course

This server side language in fact allows the complete development of dynamic pages, sites and web apps capable of interfacing with databases and managing all the interactions that normally a user has with a web page.


PHP 7 (7.4) - CMS - platform mvc

Le fondamenta di php7 per sviluppare siti web dinamici, performanti e sicuri.